Established in February 2000, Shenzhen Yicheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Cooperates with Japan, Europe and the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong to print PCB and the R&D of chemicals for treatment of surfaces, in addition to the sales of chemicals, through a service model, management of delivery of chemicals, rapid response and factory-stationed service, integrated solutions of resources as well as research on the operating costs clients and the like as to establish reliability and satisfaction from our clients.


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  • Atomic absorption spectrometerAtomic absorption spectrometer
  • IC (Ion Chromatography)IC (Ion Chromatography)
  • X-Ray (Non-contact / damage metal film thickness tester)X-Ray (Non-contact / damage metal film thickness tester)
  • IR FuranceIR Furance
  • Tester on roughnessTester on roughness
  • COD testerCOD tester
  • UV (ultraviolet spectrophotometer)UV (ultraviolet spectrophotometer)
  • Wet balanceWet balance
  • Automatic surface tension testerAutomatic surface tension tester
  • Metallographical microscope systemMetallographical microscope system
  • Electronic analysis balanceElectronic analysis balance
  • Peeling strength testerPeeling strength tester
  • PH meterPH meter
  • Lead-free testing tin potLead-free testing tin pot